Installing UNIX on an 11/94

Arno Griffioen arno at
Tue Dec 14 17:28:16 AEST 1999

> > OK.. Biggie here is that this machine doesn't have a tape drive, just
> > 2 RA92 drives. It used to have a TU81, but it seems to have been junked
> 	Congratulations on getting a /94 with RA92 drives!   Condolences
> 	on the tape drive being junked.

The '94 is way cool! I'm amazed at the extensive menu-based boot ROM in 
this thing. At least the RA92's are quite a bit more 'civilized' than the
RA82 on my uVAX which is more like a howling banshee..

Pity I have little UNIBUS stuff.. Most of my other DEC hardware is QBUS based,
otherwise I wouldn't have had the problem.. I have an UC07 SCSI controller
I could use for a while (but it's QBUS) to hook up a tape drive.

The machine itself seems to work fine (and seems to be pretty much 'lodaded').
Runs RSX-11 now (at least a partial setup as I wasn't able to get all drives)

> > No ethernet card either.. (anybody know where to get a DEUNA cheap??)
> 	In the US there are many places which sell used DEC equipment but
> 	I do not know of any in the Netherlands.  If at all possible get
> 	a DELUA insetad  - less power hungry and fewer bugs.

Any network connection will be OK.. I hope BSD has PPP support? That
should give at least some rudimentary network connectivity (even if it's
just 9600)

> 	RP06 or 7.  Then at the last minute install the MSCP bootblock.  
> 	DD that image to an  RA92 and hoo that up to the /94.

Worth a shot..

> 	The problem you will most likely encounter is that the size will not
> 	be exactly right for the last partition.  Experimenting with the
> 	standalone 'disklabel' program and adjusting the sizes/geometry may
> 	be needed.  If the size is changed then 'fsck -s' to force a 
> 	rebuild of the freelist will be needed.

Or I could use 1 RA92 (with the problem you describe) and use it to 
run the install on the second drive? (partitioning that properly)

> 	No support for the TU58 in the kernel or boot program.   At 256kb
> 	it's barely large enough to hold the standalone programs much less
> 	a dump of the root filesystem or anything like that.

OK. Got that.

Guess my first search will be for either an UNIBUS SCSI controller or 
a TK50/TK70 controller as I still have some drives for those..

I have little or no 9-track reel tape stuff :-)

Thanx for the help!

							Bye, Arno.

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