Old UNIX file system formats

Dave Horsfall dave at fgh.geac.com.au
Mon Feb 1 21:21:28 AEST 1999

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Ken Wellsch wrote:

> I didn't see mention of the flag "HUGE" WRT the V6 file format.
> Now I may be being mislead from my memory of Venix 1.x which is
> a derivative of V6 (while Venix 2.x is SysIII I think).  If the
> HUGE bit is set in the i-node, then and only then is the 8th
> index pointer treated as the indirection variety.  Thus 8 block
> or less files I think are directly indexed.  -- Ken

I think you're confusing LARGE with HUGE.  I don't have my Edition 5
manual handy, but in my Edition 6 manual if the LARGE bit is set then
the first seven inode pointers are indirect blocks (otherwise all
eight blocks are direct), and the eighth block is a double-indirect block.

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