Old UNIX file system formats

Erin W. Corliss erin at coffee.corliss.net
Tue Feb 2 04:01:14 AEST 1999

> I didn't see mention of the flag "HUGE" WRT the V6 file format.
> Now I may be being mislead from my memory of Venix 1.x which is
> a derivative of V6 (while Venix 2.x is SysIII I think).  If the
> HUGE bit is set in the i-node, then and only then is the 8th
> index pointer treated as the indirection variety.  Thus 8 block
> or less files I think are directly indexed.  -- Ken

Hmm...  I wrote a disk image editor in Visual Basic without knowing the
specs for the filesystem -- I set it up so that if the 9th pointer is zero
and the filesize is greater than one block, then it assumed the block
pointed to by the 8th pointer was a list of blocks in the file.

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