MicroVAX I console port question.

Brian D Chase bdc at world.std.com
Thu Feb 4 05:11:56 AEST 1999

Off-topic, but maybe somewhat related to MicroPDP-11's... I've got a
MicroVAX I in a BA23 enclosure.  I'm presently a bit thrown by the serial
console port.  I'm used to the 9pin MicroVAX II ports.  From what I've
been told, the DB25-M connector for the console requires a special serial
cable for connecting the MicroVAX I up to a terminal.  A null modem cable
is not adequate. 

First, I just wanted to verify that this is correct.  So far I haven't
been able to access a console prompt using either a null modem cable, or a
straight through cable.  So either the system isn't working correctly, or
I need to get the cable right. Secondly, if it does require a special
cable, then what are the pinouts for that cable?

I'm guessing that aside from the processor itself, the MicroVAX I is
probably a lot closer in design to its contemporary MicroPDP-11 systems.
So I'm hoping that the 25pin console port is simillar to what some of you
have worked with on your Q-bus PDP-11's. 

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