MicroVAX I console port question.

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> Off-topic, but maybe somewhat related to MicroPDP-11's... I've got a
> MicroVAX I in a BA23 enclosure.  I'm presently a bit thrown by the serial
> console port.  I'm used to the 9pin MicroVAX II ports.  From what I've
> been told, the DB25-M connector for the console requires a special serial
> cable for connecting the MicroVAX I up to a terminal.  A null modem cable
> is not adequate. 

My MicroVax (I and only) handbook vintage 1984 says the cable is a "BC22D-10".

VAX Systems and Options Catalog Oct 1984 describes the BC22D-10 as
"A fully shielded null modem cable".  Two DB25F connectors, 6 wires.

The pins in use are 1,2,3,6,7,20.  I would expect that "null modem"
means (from one end to the other) connect 2-3, 3-2, 7-7, 6-20, 20-6.

The implication is that the computer might need to see DTR asserted
before it talks to the terminal.


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