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Ken Wellsch kcwellsc at
Thu Feb 18 00:35:30 AEST 1999

| Interesting...I know there's a Venix 1.0 and a Venix 2.0.  I thought
| they were both from Venturcom, with 1.0 being for the Pro-350 and 2.0
| for the Pro-380.  I never heard of a distinction between Venix/Pro
| vs. Pro/Venix.  Then again, I got into this game fairly late...I
| bought my used Pro-350 around 1993 for US$100, with Venix 1.0 already
| installed (also with original install media and docs).

My time playing with Pro's faded out before Venix 2 was available (free)
for me to try.  I've played a fair bit with Venix 1.1 on both Pro 350's
and Pro 380's.  The Venix 1 series I feel is basically V6 derived while
I understood the Venix 2 series was derived from Sys III.

About a year ago Rick Macklem that did a port to the Pro series mailed
me his "Pro stuff" which included a tape and floppies.  I've forgotten
what all is in that stash, but taking a peek at some old mail he mentions:

> The stuff I did went out on a Usenix distribution tape in about 1983/84
> and had to be merged into a 2.9BSD distribution. I did generate floppy
> sets for a few people, because that was the only easy way to get it
> installed. (The first install here was actually done by downloading the
> kernel over the serial port talking to the PDP 11 prom (ODS?).)

I had thought his set of patches were in the PUPS archive.  In fact I
see the patches under PUPS/Distributions/ucb/2.9-pro350.

-- Ken

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