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Thu Feb 18 01:11:36 AEST 1999

>From: Ken Wellsch <kcwellsc at>
>Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 09:35:30 -0500 (EST)
>About a year ago Rick Macklem that did a port to the Pro series mailed
>me his "Pro stuff" which included a tape and floppies.  I've forgotten
>what all is in that stash, but taking a peek at some old mail he mentions:

Would you be able to send images (rx50 teledisk, or plain dd dumps) of
these disks to me or to the archive?

>I had thought his set of patches were in the PUPS archive.  In fact I
>see the patches under PUPS/Distributions/ucb/2.9-pro350.

Those files aren't 100% complete.  Excerpt of a mail I sent last night
to Warren Toomey:

#The instructions in boot.doc are mangled.
#The patches included are reversed, and didn't apply cleanly to one of
#the files (/usr/src/net/sys/sys/machdep.c).  Also, it looks like the
#guy that produced that set of changes forgot to include his
#modifications to /usr/src/sys/conf/config, but I managed to hack
#together something that might work.

Then there's the fact that the 2.9 distribution won't even compile,
and the 2.9 upgrade patches are a nightmare...

Maybe I'll just stick to venix :-)


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