2.11BSD, non-split i/d issues

Ken Wellsch kcwellsc at math.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Feb 18 00:42:05 AEST 1999

| I would prefer to use 2.11BSD because I understand it's still actively
| used, and not as buggy as 2.9.  But everything I've read about 2.11BSD
| says that it needs split i/d to run.  Can anyone give me more detail
| about this?  Was support for machines without split i/d removed from
| the kernel, or is it just that some of the programs are too big to fit
| in a single 64k segment?

Have you been able to acquire the documentation for the DECNA card?  I
think that is roughly what it is called.  The Pro Ethernet card.  A few
old timers like myself and Dan Lanciani talked years ago about running
things on a Pro and no-one seems to know much about this relatively
critical bit of documentation.  Again referring to Rick Macklem's
correspondence (I believe I was asking him, again, about these docs):

> Well, the short answer is "I'm not sure what the answers are". At one
> point someone mentioned they were putting the Pro stuff into 2BSD, but
> I'm not sure if they actually did it. (The guys that used it the most
> had it running on a lab of Pro380s at Columbia U. (I think. It's the
> one right in NY city.)) His name was Charlie Kim (again, I think?) and
> did some stuff to it so that it worked reasonably well on a Pro380, but
> I have no idea how you might find him now. (It was a real dog on a Pro350
> because it didn't have separate I and D space.)

The rumors we were able to find all pointed to this place and person
WRT documentation for the ethernet card.

-- Ken

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