2.11BSD, non-split i/d issues

maximum entropy entropy at zippy.bernstein.com
Wed Feb 17 18:42:40 AEST 1999

As already mentioned in previous messages, I'm working on getting
2.9BSD onto a Pro 350.  I'm using 2.9BSD as a starting point because
it claims to support machines without split i/d.  The 350 uses the
F-11 chipset, which I have read does not support split i/d.

I would prefer to use 2.11BSD because I understand it's still actively
used, and not as buggy as 2.9.  But everything I've read about 2.11BSD
says that it needs split i/d to run.  Can anyone give me more detail
about this?  Was support for machines without split i/d removed from
the kernel, or is it just that some of the programs are too big to fit
in a single 64k segment?

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