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Thu Feb 18 08:25:47 AEST 1999

In article by David C. Jenner:
> It seems to me that Pro/Venix is a potential candidate for the PUPS
> archive, the snag being DEC/Compaq residual interests in it.  PUPS
> covers the AT&T part, VenturCom has "given away" their part, and
> DEC/Compaq is all that's left.
> So:
> 	1) Could this be a PUPS addition, if a good copy be found?
> 	2) If someone has a copy, but worries about the DEC/Compaq
> 	   aspects, can a good copy of the disks I have be acquired?
> 	   (Anyone in this category might want to respond directly
> 	    to me instead of posting to the mailing lists.)  After
> 	   all a PUPS licensee is 99.999% covered, and DEC/Compaq
> 	   objections are probably to worry about the AT&T part,
> 	   which the Ancient Unix license covers...
> Dave

If we could get DEC/Compaq to allow access to Pro/Venix by UNIX source
license holders, then yes I would certainly add it to the Archive. If
there's no source code, and SCO are happy, then it could go up for anon ftp.


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