2.11BSD, non-split i/d issues

Steven M. Schultz sms at moe.2bsd.com
Thu Feb 18 11:25:53 AEST 1999

Hi -

> From: allisonp at world.std.com (Allison J Parent)
> The F11 does not do I&D split but does have user/system.  

	Correct.  Some systems also have an 18bit only MMU which restricts
	memory to 248kb max (others have a 22bit MMU and can physically
	have more memory).

> It's my understanding that 2.11 will run on F11 systems (pro350 and 11/23)
> if properly configured but the only binaries loose are for split I&D.

	Not likely.  The kernel won't fit in 48kb that I know of.  And there
	will be no networking support since that requires supervisor mode
	which non-split I/D systems don't have.

> So if properly configured you can get 2.11 to utilize the user/system spaces.

	The skeleton of a Makefile for non-split a kernel exists but it 
	will take much work (it is essentially just a list of file that may
	or may not be 100% current) to kick into shape.  Also, remember that
	programs like 'csh', 'vi' and so on are not only split I/D but 
	overlaid - they will not run on a non-split machine. 

	Steven Schultz

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