Help with regs on Pro serial ports

Warren Toomey wkt at
Thu Feb 18 09:18:40 AEST 1999

I'm trying to help get the kernel for the version of 2.9BSD ported to the
Pro-350. The patches supplied by Rick Macklem are slightly incomplete, e.g
there is no config shell script which knows about the new device drivers etc.

Anyway, one vital missing file is pcreg.h, which holds the structure
describing the registers of the serial ports on the Pro-350. By perusing
the file dev/pc.c, I've worked out that the struct looks something like:

struct pcdevice {
	??? baud;
	??? cdb;
	??? csa;
	??? csb;
	??? csr;
	??? dbuf;
	??? mc0;
	??? mc1;
	??? mode;
	??? stat;

where the fields are not in the correct order, and I have no idea what
C type each is. If anybody can help recreate this file, could they
email me?!

I've included below the C comments at the top of dev/pc.c.

If anybody has Rick Macklem's email address, could they pass that on too?
I will email him and see if he's got a more complete set of patches somewhere.

Many thanks in advance,


 * This driver handles the two serial ports on the back of the
 * pro3xx system unit. Although not software compatible, they
 * are handled as minor device 0 & 1 respectively, for the printer
 * and communication port. Modem control is included but no sync
 * serial support for the com. port.
 * NOTE: The DSR line in the printer port is used for carrier
 * detect so terminals or modems should be cabled accordingly.
 * Local terminal cables should jumper DTR-CDT so that the carrier
 * will appear to be up or PC_SOFTCAR defined and devs or'd with 0200.
 * NOTE2: The interrupt service routines are as follows:
 *      plrint - printer port receive
 *      plxint - printer port transmit
 *      cmintr - communication port com. interrupt
 * Modem transition interrupts are NOT used.

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