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Fri Feb 19 10:40:17 AEST 1999

| Just for the sake of being picky... the DEQNA is based on an Intel
| microcontroller chip (something 8085-ish, I think). The ethernet chipset
| seems to be Fairchild (it's certainly got a big F on it.)

The DEQNA uses a Intel 8751 (an EPROM version of 8051 family). I suspect that
it may deal with the programming protocol and the ring buffers. The
chip with the F (with bars top and bottom of the letter) is probably

These boards had a fairly bad reputation for lockups and dropped packets.
There was a 20+ wire ECO along with a PAL chip (with 8 of the pins cut off)
soldered on top of another chip.

The replacement ethernet controller was the DELQA, which was a complete
redesign and used a 68000 processor.

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