Erin W. Corliss erin at
Fri Feb 19 06:39:35 AEST 1999

My local computer junk store has a VaxMate for sale.  I'm not sure of the
model -- It has a DB-25 serial port, 10-base-2 ethernet, and a phone-jack
like printer port on the back, as well as an internal ST-225 hard drive
and a 5.25 inch floppy drive.  

Anyway, when I turn it on it tries to boot up -- the graphical slider
thing on the screen gets about 90% of the way across and it displays the
number 83, which I assume is an eeror code since the number changes if you
boot it up with no keyboard.  Anyone know what the 83 means or where I can
get a list of VaxMate error codes?  Also, how intelligent is this machine
compared to a terminal?  Will it actually run a Vax operating system or
does it need a server?

"...color flashing thunder crashing dynamite machine..."

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