2.9BSD & Pro: another version

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Tue Feb 23 15:25:51 AEST 1999

Ken Wellsch has just uploaded a set of RX50 disk images containing
2.9BSD for the Pro 350 to the PUPS Archive. You can find them in


He says:

	I believe the RX50 is actually 80 tracks with 10 sectors per track,
	thus yielding 800 blocks per disk.  I think the first track is
	reserved and thus Venix would not let me at it.  Hopefully I have
	not also lost additional information here too.

All the 34 disk images he sent in are 790 blocks long. Can anybody
tell us if we will need to recover track 0 to make these images useful?

At the very least, I've managed to find the pcreg.h file out of the
images (cat */*.rx50 | less -B), so I'm getting closer at recompiling
the 2.9/Pro kernel.


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