SCO Source license tainting?

Greg Lehey grog at
Wed Feb 24 10:46:07 AEST 1999

On Wednesday, 24 February 1999 at  8:52:15 +1100, Warren Toomey wrote:
> In article by Jesper Nilsson:
>> I'm thinking about getting myself a SCO Source license,
>> but I'm worried that I might get "tainted" by this
>> since my day job involves writing operating systems...
>> My employer would not appreciate getting sued because of
>> my hobbies...:-)
> As long as you don't reuse tainted Unix source code in your job, you will
> be ok. There are so many books covering the Unix kernel: Lions, Bach,
> Goodheart, Vahalia etc., that any concerns other than source code reuse
> are negligible.

I think this relates to a spectre raised during the USL/BSDI wars.
Somebody suggested that anybody who had been exposed to AT&T source
code was ``tainted'' and could thus not legally develop competitive
systems.  Somewhere I have a button that somebody brought back to me
from a USENIX, with the text ``mentally contaminated''.

Jesper, I don't think you need to worry about the problem.  That kind
of restriction would be unenforceable.

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