Erin W. Corliss erin at coffee.corliss.net
Mon Jan 4 08:11:30 AEST 1999

Anyone care to comment on the likelihood of someone being able to modify
the kernel binary for Unix version 7 so that it treats a 60 megabyte RD52
drive like an array of six RL drives?

I looked at the device-specific assembly code in boot blocks for the two
drives and it seems that besides the geometry they're pretty similar...  I
assume, of course, that the binary license doesn't allow me to disassemble
or modify the kernel, tho.

I also recently solved the disk image dilemma -- I made a utility in
Visual Basic that lets you examine, import, and export files on various
disk images.  The disk-specific parts are in interchangeable ActiveX
modules -- right now I only have code for RK06 disk images with Unix 6 or
RSTS file systems, but the model is easily expandable to any
drive/filesystem combination.  I'll put it on my web site if anyone's

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