Ancient SunOS source

Billy Stivers alyosha at vrytekai.Corp.Sun.COM
Tue Jan 5 05:47:03 AEST 1999

These efforts aren't dead. :) They just took vacation with me, for the
last week and a half or so.  I'll try to report some news sometime during
the following week or two, though with the mess of work that popped
up in my absence, I'm not sure whether I'd be that optimistic. :/

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>Subject: Re: Ancient SunOS source
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>Date: 03 Jan 1999 16:52:16 -0500
>"Erin W. Corliss" <erin at> writes:
>> On 3 Jan 1999, Mirian Crzig Lennox wrote:
>> > Last month, there was some discussion about getting Sun to release the
>> > sources to old SunOS 4.1 under the Ancient UNIX source licence.  I'm
>> > curious as to what progress has been made on that.  I'm
>> > enthusiastically looking forward to hopefully being able to run
>> > SunOS-4.1.3 with full source on an old Sun 3/80.
>> Have you tried the Sun 3 port of NetBSD?
>Oh, NetBSD is a very nice Berkeley UNIX, to sure...  I'm just looking
>forward to being able to play around with good olde-fashioned SunOS.
>Call it nostalgia, or something like that.  :)
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