Why is csh `restricted'?

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Tue Jan 5 15:30:25 AEST 1999

In article by Steven M. Schultz:
> Warren -
> > The csh was first released in 2bsd, and came with the copyright notice:
> > /* Copyright (c) 1979 Regents of the University of California */
> > So, can anybody tell me if, when and how did the sources to csh become
> > restricted, or if not, how this urban legend arose??
> 	It is not that they "became" restricted.  They always "were" restricted
> 	because they were derived from the original Bell Labs (later AT&T)
> 	sources (code borrowed from /bin/sh).  All UNIX sources were, up until 
> 	you negotiated the deal with SCO, restricted.
> 	Steven

I didn't know that any of the sources in 1979 2bsd were contaminated with
AT&T sources. I'll go and do a line comparison between V6 sh, V7 sh and
the 2bsd csh, and see if I can find any signs of contamination.

What else in the original 2bsd is contaminated?


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