Twist of Fate...

Warren Toomey wkt at
Thu Jan 7 08:20:25 AEST 1999

In article by Erin W. Corliss:
> So get this -- Matt Kjaer, a friend of a friend of mine and the person who
> originally got me interested in PDP's, works at the University of Oregon
> computing center.  He claims that if he can dig it up, the University of
> Oregon has an original Unix license for PDP-11's.  I'm not sure what
> version of Unix it is or if it's even from SCO, but assuming it is, where
> do we fax/mail/deliver/etc a copy of it to get access to the legendary
> protected FTP directory with the source codes?

Fax a copy to me (the pages giving the license owner, the license number,
the list of operating systems covered, the list of CPUs covered, and the
signatures), and then get Matt to email me!

As per usual, I need to send back access details securely. A fax number
or a means of obtaining a PGP key will allow me to do this.


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