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In article by alejandro gonzalez:
> Can anyone point me to instructions on getting the tape in: Ken_Wellsch_v6
> up and running on Supnik's Simulator? I have been trying some things, and
> when it gives me the '=' prompt, anything i type makes the program freeze.
> I have been following these instructions, the problem comes up when I
> get the '=' prompt. I type: "tmrk", it just freezes.

The 6th Ed installation instructions say: The tape contains 12100 512-byte
records followed by a single file mark. Have you made the tape image for
Bob Supnik's emulator to match this, and what configuration file are you
giving to the emulator?


P.S You can use the RK05 disk image in
Distributions/research/Dennis_v6/v6root.gz, or the RL02 image in
unless you really do want to install V6 from tape.

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