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alejandro gonzalez <agonza24 at cs.fiu.edu> writes:

> I have been following these instructions, the problem comes up when
> I get the '=' prompt. I type: "tmrk", it just freezes.

You're following the wrong instructions.  :-)  Or, at least, you're
taking them too literally.  You're trying to use the tape the way it
would be done on a real machine, but it's much easier to just split it
into disk images under the host UNIX.  Looking in my V6 directory,
I've got a text file containing something that I believe Warren wrote,
in a text file accompanying the tape image:

"This is a copy of the Sixth Edition distribution tape which was sent
to me by Ken Wellsch. The file v6.tape.gz is the tape image, with the
first 100 512-byte tape blocks containing tape bootstrap stuff. Blocks
100 - 4099 are the RK05 root image, blocks 4100 - 8099 are the /usr
RK05 image, and the blocks 8100 - 12099 are the /doc RK05 image."

So what I did with that tape, for Bob Supnik's PDP-11 simulator, was
to run these commands under the host UNIX:

	% gunzip v6.tape.gz
	% dd if=v6.tape of=v6.root.rk05 count=4000 skip=100
	% dd if=v6.tape of=v6.usr.rk05 count=4000 skip=4100
	% dd if=v6.tape of=v6.doc.rk05 count=4000 skip=8100

Then, I made a script file for the simulator:

	% cat > v6.script
	attach rk0 V6.root.rk05
	attach rk1 V6.usr.rk05
	attach rk2 V6.doc.rk05
	boot rk0

...and finally, I run the resulting system, thus:

	% pdp11 v6.script
	PDP-11 simulator V2.3

I may have had to modify something in the actual UNIX V6 system to
mount rk1 and rk2 properly -- I don't recall.  You'll figure it out.

Anyway, the system runs like a charm, and I've successfully rebuilt
the kernel from sources on it.  Fun!

Good luck!

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