KA650-B V1.2 CPU EPROM image

Michael Sokolov mxs46 at k2.scl.cwru.edu
Tue Jan 26 11:25:12 AEST 1999

allisonp at world.std.com (Allison J Parent) wrote:

> Get that out of there fast, it's copyrighted firmware!

The PUPS archive already contains some PDP-11 boot/diag/etc. odds and ends. Why
not have VAX ones too?

But if too many people start complaining, I'll just move the entire odds-ends
directory to one of my friend's _anonymous_ FTP site.

BTW, there is a long tradition of shipping DEC odds and ends with UNIX. Just
look at pcs750.bin, or at DEC-contributed device drivers in 4.3BSD, or at the
fact that if you do a strings(1) on 4.3BSD /genvmunix, you'll see DEC's
copyright and the word "ULTRIX" in a whole bunch of places. Ancient UNIX and
Ancient DEC live together very well. Please don't separate them. If our group
(PUPS/TUHS) loves and cares for Ancient UNIX, we should also love and care for
Ancient DEC.

And finally, some of the files in my odds-ends directory were originally
recovered from some BSD distribution (the ULTRIX rabads program, which despite
its DEC copyright, ULTRIX origin, and binary-only nature came with some BSD

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