KA650-B V1.2 CPU EPROM image

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Wed Jan 27 08:26:24 AEST 1999

In article by Michael Sokolov:
> allisonp at world.std.com (Allison J Parent) wrote:
> > Get that out of there fast, it's copyrighted firmware!
> The PUPS archive already contains some PDP-11 boot/diag/etc. odds and ends.
> Why not have VAX ones too?

Just some clarification here. There is a section in the PUPS Archive
which is not readily accesible to normal S/Key users of the archive.
This is mainly used by those volunteers who are helping to distribute
the archive, and for other sundry stuff.

If a volunteer puts something in there which is copyright, then they
must understand that the legal responsibility is theirs and theirs alone.
The same thing applies to the main archive.

I would definitely recommend that the firmware image is removed from the
PUPS Archive until it can be legally distributed to people without a DEC
software license.


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