KA650-B V1.2 CPU EPROM image

Allison J Parent allisonp at world.std.com
Tue Jan 26 13:17:05 AEST 1999

<> Get that out of there fast, it's copyrighted firmware!
<The PUPS archive already contains some PDP-11 boot/diag/etc. odds and ends.
<not have VAX ones too?

Yes but, not copyrighted firmware.  The KA650 B V1.2 firmware is not 
released or granted publication that I know of and the straw horse of, 
"well, PDP-xx is here" is not the issue.

<BTW, there is a long tradition of shipping DEC odds and ends with UNIX. Jus
<look at pcs750.bin, or at DEC-contributed device drivers in 4.3BSD, or at t

There is a distinct difference between DEC contributed and the KA650 rom 

<fact that if you do a strings(1) on 4.3BSD /genvmunix, you'll see DEC's
<copyright and the word "ULTRIX" in a whole bunch of places. Ancient UNIX an
<Ancient DEC live together very well. Please don't separate them. If our gro
<(PUPS/TUHS) loves and cares for Ancient UNIX, we should also love and care 
<Ancient DEC.

It is neither the point nor applicable.  It's a specious arguement in an 
attempt to not respect the copyrighted firmware on the CPU card that is
not distributed.  The fact that DEC and unix go well is not the issue 

<And finally, some of the files in my odds-ends directory were originally
<recovered from some BSD distribution (the ULTRIX rabads program, which desp
<its DEC copyright, ULTRIX origin, and binary-only nature came with some BS

I doubt that the KA650 bootrom image was in there as original distribution.
If the system is a KA650 it would be available on the system and if it is 
not it's meaningless.  My comment earlier was directly and specifically 
aimed at the KA650 B V1.2 Eprom image.

The problem is that failure to respect the copyrights and ownerships of 
any code, especially firmware could lead to vendors taking a future 
hostile stance to the work of PUPS.  That would be very undesireable.


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