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On Monday, 25 January 1999 at 23:43:10 -0500, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 25, 1999 at 10:23:32PM -0500, Michael Sokolov wrote:
>> in the history of CSRG was in late 1988. Everything after that is so far from
>> True UNIX that I have decided to put a big X over it, turn the Universe clock
>> back to that point (using my SCCS Time Machine), declare all of CSRG's
>> post-1988 work "not really CSRG", and declare myself CSRG's true successor.
>> If you look at my mail signature, you'll see that I'm the new official
>> maintainer of Berkeley UNIX and the principal architect of its further
>> development, known as Quasijarus Project. As far as I am concerned, 4.4BSD
>> never existed except as a "side branch" from True UNIX, and the last True UNIX
>> release from CSRG was 4.3BSD-Tahoe. I picked it up from that point and now I'm
>> maintaining and developing it just as CSRG did until 1988. I am the true
>> successor of true CSRG. If you want CSRG, here I am.
> All that I ask is that you not touch the value of the "BSD" symbol which is
> exposed to the userland C namespace.  The chaos which would ensue should
> a "later" version of BSD appear which didn't support the full 4.4BSD feature
> set is horrifying to contemplate.
> Despite the great temptation to do so, neither the NetBSD nor the FreeBSD
> project have taken up the mantle of CSRG and mucked around with that symbol,
> nor released "4.5BSD" "5BSD", or the like.  History is history.  Pretending
> to be an organization which doesn't exist... gets very little useful work
> done.  At least that's my personal take on it.

Now you mention this, I seem to remember that BSDI registered the name
BSD as a trade mark, so you wouldn't be able to even if you wanted to.

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