VAX EPROM upgrades

Michael Sokolov mxs46 at
Tue Jan 26 17:44:55 AEST 1999

Dear VAX users,

Due to the storm of protests, the method of distribution of VAX EPROM upgrades
has changed from the PUPS archive to direct uuencoded E-mail. If you require an
EPROM upgrade for your VAX in order to run a UNIX software distribution
obtained from me, please contant me via ARPA Internet SMTP mail and I will send
you the EPROM image, compressed and uuencoded. I currently have the images for
KA650-B V1.2 and KA42 SCSI/MFM daughterboard.

The VAX odds and ends directory in the PUPS archive will still contain the
soft-loaded microcode files and booters, which have already been freely
distributed with different VAX UNIX systems (either 4.3BSD-* or BSD
derivatives like MIT's Athena-4.3BSD).

Michael Sokolov
TUHS 4BSD Coordinator
4.3BSD-* Maintainer
Quasijarus Project Principal Architect & Developer
Phone: 440-449-0299 or 216-217-2579
ARPA Internet SMTP mail: mxs46 at
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