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Wed Jan 27 08:23:31 AEST 1999

Hi Johnny -

> From: Johnny Billquist <bqt at Update.UU.SE>
> Sigh. I guess I shouldn't get into a new squabble with/over Solokov, but
> here I go again...

	Netbsd's mailing list was rendered unreadable for quite a while ;-(

> I'd argue that VMS is the true driver of VAXen, and nothing else...
> Unix is kindof a side track altogether. No matter what religious beliefs

	I maintain the opposite.  VMS _was_ (past tense) the driver of
	VAXEN but that was due to Ken "UNIX is Snake Oil" Olsen.  Since DEC
	is defunct and VMS is effectively no longer, I'd argue that UNIX is
	the winner/driver.  Are Vaxen even being made any longer?  The ALPHA
	is what is driving Compaq/dec now.

> > I want support for the hardware I own, and features like mmap() and NFS.
> > Between those, I think you'll find quite a bit of the bloat you're ...

	Amen!  Adding NFS to the kernel about doubles the size of the kernel.

> Unfortunately he started posting here instead.


> Couldn't we do a real split of the pdp-11-stuff, and all other historical
> Unix stuff. I'm really not interested in historical Unix. I'm first and
> foremost interested in pdp-11, that's why I got into this list. Unix is a

	Hear hear!  PUPS started out with the emphasis on PDP-11s based UNIX
	although other OSs would be welcome (the RT11 and RSTS folks have 
	their own forums though).  I doubt anyone would be upset if someone
	posted an RSX11D question to PUPS but I think many of us are getting
	tired of a proposed new/wonderous "4.4BSD".

	Steven Schultz

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