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On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Steven M. Schultz wrote:

> Hi Johnny -

Hi there, Steven.

> > From: Johnny Billquist <bqt at Update.UU.SE>
> > I'd argue that VMS is the true driver of VAXen, and nothing else...
> > Unix is kindof a side track altogether. No matter what religious beliefs
> 	I maintain the opposite.  VMS _was_ (past tense) the driver of
> 	VAXEN but that was due to Ken "UNIX is Snake Oil" Olsen.  Since DEC
> 	is defunct and VMS is effectively no longer, I'd argue that UNIX is
> 	the winner/driver.  Are Vaxen even being made any longer?  The ALPHA
> 	is what is driving Compaq/dec now.

Hmmm. This could well degenerate into a squabble. ;-)
Let's just say that VAXen are still being sold, as far as I know. VMS are
still being sold. However COMPAQ sure don't push for VAXen, so I expect
them to die soon. Alpha is the main target of VMS these days for sure. But
there still exists VAXen that no Unix can run, leaving only VMS. And also,
some stuff just isn't utilized that well under Ultrix, which means VMS is
the more developed, and supported OS.

While I run Unix on the VAXen I have, I sure wish someone had implemented
the MSCP BBR stuff for instance. Not event Ultrix does it properly,
relying on a separate, manual program for it.

And let's not rack down on Ken Olsen and what he said/didn't say here. :-)

> > Couldn't we do a real split of the pdp-11-stuff, and all other historical
> > Unix stuff. I'm really not interested in historical Unix. I'm first and
> > foremost interested in pdp-11, that's why I got into this list. Unix is a
> 	Hear hear!  PUPS started out with the emphasis on PDP-11s based UNIX
> 	although other OSs would be welcome (the RT11 and RSTS folks have 
> 	their own forums though).  I doubt anyone would be upset if someone
> 	posted an RSX11D question to PUPS but I think many of us are getting
> 	tired of a proposed new/wonderous "4.4BSD".

Me for one wouldn't mind, even if I think the correct forum would be
info-pdp11, but then again, people usually seem happy to just find *any*
forum for pdp-11 stuff.
I don't mind talking about V[0-7] here, even though they are older than
2.11BSD, but really, BSD[3,4] isn't what I'm in here for.


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