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Tue Jun 1 16:59:52 AEST 1999

Well as the list does live (a bit) let me introduce myself, maybe I can get
out some discussion.

My name is Wim Fournier (for known people and friends (not that I have any)
it's Wimpie).
I'm a student of 19 years old and currently doing Technical Informatics...
That is something like system engineer with much knowledge.
I'm higly interrested in electronics; High Frequency radio; computers;
computer hardware; Old stuf (audio/compu/etc);unix/Linux

I own a PDP11/94 with modem-lines / dr11c / tu80 / etc
I have not got it working yet (hacking!!!)
It's from the dutch telecom company KPN who has used it for semaphone
(beepers and stuff) It came with a 19" rack (all black + heavy) and a switch
box for American plugs.
When I put the box and the PDP on power and switch on the switch and set it to
local on or power on, only the switch goes on... the PDP does not react.. I
have got one suspect: the wire between the switch and the PDP (3-wire in the
back)... it was broken and I re-wire it 1 on 1 but do not know if this is OK.

Further more I haven't got a disk yet. I'm searching for an old apple disk
(scsi-1) as someone told me it should work. 

If someone has got an answer to my frustrating problems.. I'm listening.. 8*}

Well... that will be the end of this shout for help plus introduction.. 


Wim Fournier

Unix Support Netherlands (practice training company for my study)

PS: sorry for the bad English if any.. My keyboard doesn't type English that
good... 8*))

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