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> Wim Fournier wrote:
> >Well as the list does live (a bit) let me introduce myself, maybe I can get
> >out some discussion.
> >
> >I own a PDP11/94 with modem-lines / dr11c / tu80 / etc
> >When I put the box and the PDP on power and switch on the switch and set it to
> >local on or power on, only the switch goes on... the PDP does not react.. I
> >have got one suspect: the wire between the switch and the PDP (3-wire in the
> >back)... it was broken and I re-wire it 1 on 1 but do not know if this is OK.
> Why not try powering up the PDP independantly of the power controller?
> You can make an american socket -> dutch plug lead, or just swap the plug.
> There's also most probably a circuit breaker on the back of the PDP.
> Check that this hasn't tripped (or been damaged in transit!).
That's a good one.. I saw the breaker.. it's holding the floor of the pdp..
But what I'm wordering is what the power consumption is (at 220V) in ampere,
because I will be feeding it from an normal home-socket (line/null/mass) at
+/- 230Volt 10 Ampere.

> The H??? power controller is just a box with a big relay for switching
> everything on at once.  There came with it two little short ciruit
> plugs for testing (there is a power on line and and power off due to
> overheating line).  I you do need a new three wire power controller
> cable, I have a box of hundreds of them, email me and I'm sure I can
> send you one.
Well.. I didn't get the test plugs.. but that's OK.. I'll nuke them myself 8*)
And as of the power controller cables.. How much does it cost to send from
your house (where do you live anyway?) to The Netherlands (I live near Utrecht
(about the center of NL))
> >Further more I haven't got a disk yet. I'm searching for an old apple disk
> >(scsi-1) as someone told me it should work. 
> This depends upon the controller cards installed in the PDP.  
I'll send you a list tommorow..
> Alan


Wim Fournier

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