Unix 6 & the E11 Emulator

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Sat Jun 19 20:11:18 AEST 1999

In article by Erin Corliss:
> How do you boot Unix 6 on an Ersatz-11 emulator?
> Here is the e11.ini I have:
> set cpu 40
> mount dm0: ..\rk6.dsk
> assign tt1: f2
> assign tt2: f3
> boot dm0:
> The emulator currently displays the copyright, followed by a new line and an "@" symbol.  At this point if you type "rkunix" or "unix" it has an exception...

For Supnik's emulator, you can do this:

UNIX V6 is contained on three RK05 disk images.  To boot UNIX:

        sim> set cpu 18b
        sim> att rk0 unix0_v6_rk.dsk
        sim> att rk1 unix1_v6_rk.dsk
        sim> att rk3 unix3_v6_rk.dsk
        sim> boot rk0
        login: root
        # ls -l

However, you want the same details for Ersatz-11.

I thought RK0: was the E11 device for RK05s. Or DK0? In which case you
would use this device to mount the RK05 disk image. Everything else
in your e11.ini file looks good to me.

Unfortunately, I haven't used E11 for a while, I'm at home, and any
archive e11.ini files are at work on CD-ROMs.

I'll have a look when I get back to work on Monday.

Hope this helps,


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