Unix 6 & the E11 Emulator

alejandro gonzalez agonza24 at cs.fiu.edu
Sat Jun 26 11:34:40 AEST 1999

Did you ever get this to work?  Because I was trying it with the E11 
Emulator and it gave me an address dump when I type: "unix" in the @

Alejandro Gonzalez
HPDRC Research Assistant
NASA Regional Application Center
agonza24 at cs.fiu.edu

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Erin Corliss wrote:

> How do you boot Unix 6 on an Ersatz-11 emulator?
> Here is the e11.ini I have:
> set cpu 40
> mount dm0: ..\rk6.dsk
> assign tt1: f2
> assign tt2: f3
> boot dm0:
> The emulator currently displays the copyright, followed by a new line and an "@" symbol.  At this point if you type "rkunix" or "unix" it has an exception...

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