TOC of Sun3 SunOS 4.1.1 tapes (what about sunos 4.1???)

rdkeys at rdkeys at
Thu May 6 23:27:29 AEST 1999

> While rummaging I found this.  Thought some one might find it useful.

Yes indeedy....  I had a paper copy of that, but it is nice to get an
electronic copy.

> SunOS 4.1.1 700-2719-10 of Sun Oct 14 16:11:25 PDT 1990 from Sun Release Engineering
> ARCH sun3
>  Vol File             Name       Size	Type
>    1    0             boot      32768	image
>    1    1           XDRTOC       4096	toc
>    1    2            munix     729600	image
>    1    3     munixfs.tape    1638400	image

Speaking of 4.1.1 bits, I have a 4.1 tape for the early sun4 machines
that has bad spots in the usr file system and beyond on Tape 1 of 2.
Up to that point (the first 6 files) tape 1 is fine, and tape 2 is fine.
Anyone have the usr tarballs and later from a sun4 sunos 4.1 tape 1
that I could use to rewrite my tape?  Right now I a using bits from
the 4.1.1 CD, but it would be nice to have the original 4.1 files
so that I could fully rewrite the tape with the correct bits.  What I
would like to do is pull the reels out of a good fresh tape, and
put them into the Sun badged cartridge, and rewrite it.  My 4/260
box would be much appreciative, for the long haul.

Any suggestions or leads to the mystical files are appreciated.

Is there a tally of how many of us are doing the old vme sun bit?
I run 3 12-slot boxes and 1 3-slot box, with 3/110, 3/160, 3/200,
4/110, 4/260 configurations, depending upon how the boards are swapped
on any given day.

Yeah, I know, it ain't one of our treasured PDP-11 toyz, but it a lot
easier to find in the dustbins here and there.....(:+}}...

Bob Keys

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