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Sun Nov 28 06:21:40 AEST 1999

Hi -

> From: Tim Shoppa <SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com>
> Did the version of 2.11BSD you're working from have disklabel support in
> the hk driver?  Disklabel support there was added recently (where "recent"
> = 2 years ago).

	And even then the disklabel changes to the HK (rk06/7) driver have
	not been actually tested - the site that was going to do that had
	equipment failures and that combined with the lack of interest in
	or curiosity about PDP-11s resulted the the entire 11 collection being

	So, I went and make the changes anyhow and they "should work" since
	adding disklabel support to a driver is mostly a boilerplate type of
	activity but there's always the chance that an error crept in.

	Disklabel support for the XP (rp03/4/5/6/7) driver is known to work

	Steven Schultz

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