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> Did you successfully build from a boot-tape image on the emulator, or did 
> you copy the RP06 image (such as on the PUPS archive) directly to the disk 
> and tranfer the physical drive to the PDP?  (And what method/command did 
> you use?)
> > Has anyone done this before?  I would use a SCSI tape to boot from but the
> > SCSI tape drive I have died.  (Roached literally - one of the little fsckers
> I do this regularly for my vaxen.   10 to 1 Steven Schultz has been this route
> on the PDP-11's tho (Hi Steven :).

	'fraid I haven't been _that_ route before.

	What I would do today, given the presence of a Qbus SCSI adaptor in the
	system, is either 

	   1) Use a cheesy old 4mm drive (I've a Sony SDT5000 that's too small
	      and/or slow today for the Intel system - upgrade it to an 8mm
	      drive), hook that up to the PC and blast the 2.11BSD boot kit
	      on it (using the instructions, etc provided in the PUPS archive).
	      Then move the 4mm drive over to the PDP-11 and boot the tape .

	    2) Get a SCSI Zip drive, hook it up to the "PC" and use one of the
	       emulators to create a ~96mb image of a system containing the
	       standalone utilities + dump of root fs + tar  files for usr.
	       Then march the Zip drive over to the PDP-11 and boot.   Instead
	       of specifying "tape file numbers" to the standalone programs
	       (as in "tms(0,1)") you would use "ra(1,0)disklabel" and so on.

	A Zip drive is _real nice_ to have on the 11/73 - the Zip is actually
	quite a bit faster than an RD53/RD54 and the media and drives are
	cheap for Zips (Internal SCSI zip drives and a 3.5" shoebox run perhaps
	$150 or so).   

	Steven Schultz

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