Newbie question

Wim Fournier hsmade at
Wed Sep 8 20:41:32 AEST 1999


I am the happy owner of a pdp-11/94. I've got it from our local telecom 
provider (kpn). As I am not a specialist on these machines, I would like 
to ask some questions:
- My pdp won't accept mains... when I supply power it doesn't do 
anything.. I've heard it could be something with the power-supply not 
being closed.. but I cannot find what it is.. it's fully closed.

- I've got sdi / tu80 and an other diskcontroller... What type of disks 
can I use to boot from?? (disks = floppy / tape / harddrive)

- What about the 2 connectors at the back.. 1 has 3 pins and can be 
connected to the mains regulator (or something (a box for switching the 
mains)) an other one has got 2 pins and no info...

- Is there some info on hardware to connect at the diverse controllers 
(modem / serial??)


Wim Fournier

hsmade at

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