SCO Ancient UNIX license now free

Warren Toomey wkt at
Thu Apr 20 08:57:15 AEST 2000

[ This from a SCO press release ]
SCO Contributes to the Open Source Community; Kicks Off Open Source Initiatives
 Company to Release Key Technologies, Source Code, and Resources for 
 Software Developers; "Ancient" UNIX Source Code Available for Free
[ ... ]

 Additionally, SCO has simplified its "Ancient" UNIX program and waived the 
 $100 processing fee. Anyone will be able to log onto the SCO web site and 
 download historically preserved UNIX code for educational and 
 non-commercial use.
 Tom Fox-Sellers
 Public Relations Specialist, Linux & Open Source
 Tel: 831-427-7049
 Email: mailto:toms at

Side note: you still have to have a license, it's just free to obtain now.
I won't be able to make things available anonymously still.


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