SCO Ancient UNIX license now free

Warren Toomey wkt at
Thu Apr 20 09:46:49 AEST 2000

In article by Andru Luvisi:
> Could I trouble you for the URL on SCO's site?  I can find the press
> release, but the license eludes me.

Actually, the URL SCO used to use,, doesn't
have the license anymore. So I assume they are rearranging their site.

Here are some excepts from my SCO contact as to what they _might_ do:

    What we basically want to do is:

    1) Waive the $100 fee for the source code. 

    2) Make our portion of the source (by separating it from DEC's etc.
    etc.) available from our web site, while still leaving it available on
    yours. We would still like to refer people to you if they would like
    other source code or would like to purchase a CD

    3) Make the license agreement available online with a click through in
    order to eliminate the paperwork. (We would probably just e-mail you the
    people who have agreed to the license for your records)

    We will however require that people "click through" our
    site (or possibly yours) to gain access to your FTP site and media
    distribution. We will consider any person that accepts the license
    agreement from our site a "license holder".

I'm currently working on an automatic mechanism which would allow a person
to click-agree to the on-line SCO license (whenever that occurs), which
would give them access to the UNIX source code via SCO's web site, and
also password-protected access to the PUPS Archive here.

*** Note the Archive contains stuff that SCO doesn't own, e.g Ultrix,
    the BSD releases, but which still require a UNIX source license.

For all those who haven't bought an Ancient UNIX license from SCO, if
you can I would hang off from ordering one until the web mechanism
arrives. It will save you and SCO the time & delay of processing paperwork.

If you _really_ require a license, and are prepared to wait 6 weeks,
then go to to get a
copy of the license. Post it to SCO, but don't send any money!!

Hope this helps,

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