Qbus bootstrap board/ROMS?

Tim Shoppa SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Thu Feb 3 00:45:17 AEST 2000

>Any suggestions as to where I can get my hands on boot ROM's (or
>data files. I have access to an EPROM programmer) for use with an 11/73? 
>A boot-ROM Qbus card would be nice too..

[Later comment indicates a KDJ11-A...]

If you don't mind a toggle-in (err, um, ODT-in) bootstrap, you can
find a selection (some of them with disassemblies) at


just click on "Bootstraps".  If you really insist on rolling your
own from scratch, you can burn these (modified if you want) into your
own EPROM's.

Chances are that if you find a Q-bus card that takes EPROM's it will
already have a boot ROM in it.  For more on what's out there, read
Micronote #3 "Compatible Bootstraps for the LSI-11/73" and Micronote #15
"Q-Bus Hardware Bootstraps".  If you don't have a printed set of
Micronotes handy, you can click on the above link at metalab and
then click on the Micronote index.

>I have most of the stuff I need (anybody have a spare 4 Mbyte QBUS card??) and
>can re-use most of the QBUS cards from the uVAX (with an Emulex UC07
>SCSI card! yeah!), but I don't have any boot ROM's or a ROM-card 
>for the 11/73. 

The UC07 has an onboard PDP-11 bootstrap you can enable.  Why not just
turn it on?

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