Qbus bootstrap board/ROMS?

Arno Griffioen arno at usn.nl
Thu Feb 3 00:17:11 AEST 2000

Any suggestions as to where I can get my hands on boot ROM's (or
data files. I have access to an EPROM programmer) for use with an 11/73? 
A boot-ROM Qbus card would be nice too..

I'm trying to build up a new 11/73 (heh.. 'new' ;-) with an ex-uVAX BA213 
chassis.  (the original KA650 is in storage as a spare for my running machine)

I have most of the stuff I need (anybody have a spare 4 Mbyte QBUS card??) and
can re-use most of the QBUS cards from the uVAX (with an Emulex UC07
SCSI card! yeah!), but I don't have any boot ROM's or a ROM-card 
for the 11/73. 

The CPU card is a dual-wide version, so no on-board ROM's :-(

So far my searches have turned up little or nothing in this area, but I
hope that the combined brain-power here knows some addresses I can


								Bye, Arno,

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