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John Rosenberg jcrosenberg at
Thu Jan 13 02:03:04 AEST 2000

Kind greetings, all. I am a new member of the Society, and have been
delighted with the messages I have seen.

Recently I came into posession of a MicroVAX 4000 series machine at an
auction, and the question now is: What do I do with the darned thing? It was
really a bargain I could not pass up; and I'm pretty sure that it is in
entirely usable condition. (I still have to fully test it.)

Suggesetions? I have no Web site to run, even if I did want to spend the
money on the required infrastructure & maintenance.

Much obliged in advance, and again, I am more than happy to have joined the

    John Rosenberg
    33 Pond Ave. #601
    Brookline, MA  02445


    jcrosenberg at   (generally preferred)

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