macro-11 for V7-Unix

Ed G. edgee at
Mon Jan 17 00:19:26 AEST 2000

> > once upon a time, it was around 1981, I used a pdp11/45 with V7
> > (I started my life with Unix with V6 in 1977/8), doing some research
> > in compilers, portability, dense code schemes for interpreters.
> > For that I used a port of DEC MACRO-11 to Unix. There was also
> > an associated linker and the package offered also Fortran, though
> > I didnt't use the latter. As far as I remember, this port was
> > done at Harvard and distributed to some academic sites. I was
> > at the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, at that time.

I'd suggest contacting Professor Harry Lewis at Harvard 
(lewis at  We used Macro-11 for Unix in his "Intro to 
Data Structures" course in 1980.  

Since Professor Lewis is now a dean, this may take some 
persistence on your part, but I remember Professor Lewis as a 
decent sort (though busy, even in 1980) and I'm sure he'd be willing 
to help once he knows who you are.

BTW, I did verify that this was Macro-11 for Unix.  After some 
rummaging I was able to find (wonder of wonders!) my old "HRSTS 
Macro; Macro-11 Second Edition; 1/5/76" manual complete with 
Unix man pages for 'macro', 'linkr' and 'libr.'

Best of luck.


PS:  I've just read Tim Shoppa's post; the man pages contained in 
his email are identical to those in my manual (i.e., looks like you 
want m11).

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