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> Subject: Re: macro-11 for V7-Unix
> >In article by Prof. Karl Kleine:
> >> once upon a time, it was around 1981, I used a pdp11/45 with V7
> >> (I started my life with Unix with V6 in 1977/8), doing some research
> >> in compilers, portability, dense code schemes for interpreters.
> >> For that I used a port of DEC MACRO-11 to Unix. There was also
> >>... 
> >> I have the Supnik emulator to play with, and I wonder if this
> >> macro-11 and linker is still somewhere around. I would love to
> >> prepare a few examples for my lessons here (I'm a professor in
> >Hi Karl, I think this came up on Usenet recently. No I don't know
> >of a port of Macro-11 to Unix. I'll pass this on to our mailing list,
> >just in case anybody knows of it.
> As the possibly only member of this list who still makes a living writing
> MACRO-11 code, I'm gonna take two shots at this:
> One possibility is the "as11" assembler from Xinu.  It's a fairly portable
> PDP-11 assembler, but doesn't have all the real macro facilities of
> real Macro-11.  You can find this at
> The other (and more likely) possibility is the "m11" macro package from
> Harvard, which *does* come with a linker ("l11") as Karl described.  The
> full distribution is in the 2.11BSD source tree, at "/usr/src/new/m11".
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Let me toss in another possibility.  Around that time (late 70's -
early 80's) we (Marine Physical Lab) were running an RT-11 emulator on
a couple of our PDP-11 Unix systems.  Product of Human Computing
Resources, as I remember.  Once you can emulate RT-11, you can run all
of its CUSPs:  assembler, linker, Fortran, what have you.  Assuming, of
course, that you have appropriate licenses etc.

We did it to get a reasonably capable Fortran compiler with our Unix.


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