Sun release source code for Solaris 8

Jonathon McKitrick jcm at
Thu Jan 27 23:02:23 AEST 2000

Message too convoluted to tell who actually wrote this....but i
believe Greg wrote the second group of lines....

>> That would make quite an interesting test. How much does
>> gain by running FreeBSD instead of Solaris ?
>Good question.  My guess is that Solaris 2 just couldn't handle that
>many connections, but it compete reasonably well with fewer
>connections (say 1000).  I'll copy the FreeBSD chat people and see
>what they think.

Interestingly, i noticed recently that the response time on
seemed much slower.  It appears consistently so, either by ppp
connection or by network/T1 line.  A few months ago, netcraft showed 
that they were running FreeBSD.  Guess what they are running
now? Yup... SOlaris.  I dropped them a line saying i noticed the speed

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