Sun release source code for Solaris 8

John Rosenberg jcrosenberg at
Fri Jan 28 23:45:15 AEST 2000

I have written several device drivers (e.g., disk, DSP, DAT) for Solaris.
It is the slowest OS since Multix. Solaris is buggy, albeit pretty darned
stable. Interesting OS, but I'd stick by BSD (from a systems programmer

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> Message too convoluted to tell who actually wrote this....but i
> believe Greg wrote the second group of lines....
> >> That would make quite an interesting test. How much does
> >> gain by running FreeBSD instead of Solaris ?
> >
> >Good question.  My guess is that Solaris 2 just couldn't handle that
> >many connections, but it compete reasonably well with fewer
> >connections (say 1000).  I'll copy the FreeBSD chat people and see
> >what they think.
> Interestingly, i noticed recently that the response time on
> seemed much slower.  It appears consistently so, either by ppp
> connection or by network/T1 line.  A few months ago, netcraft showed
> that they were running FreeBSD.  Guess what they are running
> now? Yup... SOlaris.  I dropped them a line saying i noticed the speed
> difference.
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