[pups] 2.11 BSD image booting

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Tue Jul 25 10:14:09 AEST 2000

In article by Ryan Blair:
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> In the same rut as Andy Valencia:
> I have tried booting the 2.11 BSD distribution that was in the boot images
> directory, it has something like 9 disc pack images, and a script to boot it
> with Supnik. Well, it boots all right, but I can't access most of the
> filesystem, just the root, and even there most of the files seem corrupt. It
> gets even worse when I try to shut it down. It will not even boot back up
> after I shut it down in the emulator.

I think all the 2.11BSD disk images in Boot_Images are suspect.

I wonder if we could prevail upon Steven Schultz (or someone)
to build some 2.11BSD disk images which would be suitable for the
Supnik and Ersatz emulators.


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