[pups] Getting a MicroPDP-11 Running

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Tue Jul 25 22:02:19 AEST 2000

>> 2.) Can it be done without a tape? If so, has anybody pulled it off?

>	A ~32mb disk is going to be very tight for any 2BSD system.  V7 will
>	fit I think.

But does V7 have a MSCP disk driver?  Recommending to someone that all they
have to do is write a driver when they don't even have a running machine yet
is, IMHO, a bit optimistic :-).

Of course, under the Mentec PDP-11 hobbyist program he could install
RT-11 or RSX-11 or MicroRSTS on such a machine quite nicely from a bunch
of RX50 or RX33 floppies he made from the Mentec CD-ROM's.

>> 3.) Are there any utilities, either DOS or UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD based, to write
>> and/or format RX50 floppies?

>	Hmmm, I thought John Wilson has some utilities that could do that.

  See ftp://ftp.dbit.com/pub/putr/

How many RX50's would it take to hold a root filesystem dump?  15 or so?
It's not *quite* as cruel as the RX01 root distribution we discussed over
some Pastrami sandwiches a couple of years back.  But it is approaching the
"Wagner Ring cycle on convenient 45's" stage!

>	On the other hand if the controller is an RQDX3 it is possible with
>	some luck (and more hardware skill than I have ;)) hook up a standard
>	5.25" Teac floppy drive.   I don't have the location of the info for
>	that at hand - you might try the alt.sys.pdp11 or vmsnet.pdp-11 
>	newsgroups (lots of knowing folks hang out there).

  See ftp://ftp.spc.edu/third-party-disks.txt

See, it's these sorts of references we need in the PUPS FAQ list.  The
same questions come up every month, I give the same pointers, then everybody
forgets them again, until I answer the same questions the next month :-).

Tim. (shoppa at trailing-edge.com)

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