RX50 on RQDX3 on 2.11BSD

Tim Shoppa SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Wed Jun 7 05:59:51 AEST 2000

>> Wonder what DEC would think of allowing (providing?) old PDP hardware docs
>> for the archive?

>I'm afraid you'd have to ask Mentec. 

No, Mentec doesn't (generally) own the rights to those.  Mentec owns the
rights to several former DEC OS's, most notably RT-11, RSX-11M, RSX-11M+,
and RSTS/E, and many of the corresponding layered products.  But they
don't even own all the former DEC PDP-11 software; for instance, they
don't have XXDP, DOS-11, PAL-11, etc...

Of probable interest to many of the readers of this mailing list,
Mentec is gearing up to offer a hobbyist license for the RT, RSX-11M, RSX-11M+,
and RSTS/E.  Note, in particular, that there is a "PDP-11 Hobbyist" link
on Mentec's page at


The link is currently disabled, but I expect it'll be active in the next
week or so.


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