RT confusedness....

Arno Griffioen griffioena at psi.com
Thu Jun 8 04:50:39 AEST 2000

> Gee, let's not forget the old IBM RT-PC dinosaur.....(:+}}...
> It was an entirely different beastie by the same name, that I am sure
> a few of us have played with over the years.  It's a prime candidate for
> the UHS style fodder, if there were any interest in the thing besides
> with me.  Anyone else aboard play with that dinosaur critter?

Yup.. But only with 4.3BSD on it.

The assembly mnemonics stil crack me up. Seems like IBM somehow
misunderstood 'RISC' for Reduced Mnemonics.

The comments inserted in assembly code by the C compiler gave some
indication of the brokenness of the CPU.. Lots of NOP's added in several
places with remarks like "Add NOPs, otherwise register contents will be wrong".

But hey...

Before that I was used to working with 40 students on a uVAX 3600
(which I now own and run :-), so to me these RT's were pretty darn

Still would like to get my grubby paws on one though. Somehow this 
collection of old UNIX machines is becoming an obsession :-)

								Bye, Arno.

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